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Urgent Safety Recall Notice on Steam Humidifiers: Protect Your Home with HVAC System Maintenance

Important Safety Recall Notice: Take Immediate Action to Safeguard Your Home

Your home's comfort and safety are paramount, and your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system plays a crucial role in ensuring both. However, a recent development demands your immediate attention. If you own a Steam Humidifier manufactured between June 2010 and January 2015, your safety could be at risk. This is not to be taken lightly – it's an Important Safety Recall Notice that requires urgent action.

Stay Informed: The Steam Humidifier Recall

In the midst of ensuring your home is cozy and inviting, it's easy to overlook potential dangers that might lurk within your appliances. Certain Steam Humidifier models, including the Aprilaire® Model 800 Series, Carrier® HUMXXSTM3034, Bryant® HUMXXSTM3034, York® SI - STEAM8000T01, Coleman® S1 - STEAM8000T01, and Luxaire® SI - STEAM8000T01, have been flagged for a critical safety issue. If you have one of these units swift action is needed.

Your Safety is Non-Negotiable

We're not here to incite panic, but to ensure your safety. This recall isn't a minor matter – it's an urgent plea to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you possess a Steam Humidifier falling within the aforementioned brands and models, we urge you to take immediate action. Your safety is non-negotiable, and a potentially hazardous situation demands swift and decisive steps.

How to Ensure Your Home's Safety

Addressing this issue requires proactive measures. If you own a Steam Humidifier from the affected brands and models, here's what you need to do:

  1. Check the Recall Website: Verify whether your Steam Humidifier possesses the recall part. Your safety is our priority. Visit the recall website and choose the "Homeowners" section to access the necessary instructions to check your unit. if you have any difficulties, call us at Four Seasons Air Control for assistance.

  2. Contact Four Seasons Air Control: To eliminate the risk posed by the fire hazard, we're offering a FREE replacement service for the affected units. Your safety and peace of mind matter to us. After checking the recall website and following the instructions for homeowners, contact Four Seasons Air Control for further assistance, including free part, free inspection, free replacement service, and to ensure your unit is accounted for in the Health Canada records.

Stay Up to Date Beyond this critical recall, regular HVAC system maintenance on all your HVAC equipment is essential for your home's comfort and well-being. At Four Seasons Air Control, we're not only dedicated to providing expert installations, we are dedicated to keeping you and your equipment up to date; by providing your yearly tune up services. Making sure your units are well maintained all year optimizes the performance of your HVAC system, allowing your investment to work better and last longer. A well-maintained system doesn't just provide comfort – it contributes to energy efficiency and indoor air quality, benefiting your health and wallet.

Expert HVAC Services at Your Fingertips

For all your HVAC needs and concerns, Four Seasons Air Control is your partner. Our experts are ready to assist you in maintaining and repairing your HVAC system, ensuring it functions flawlessly. But right now, we're urging you to prioritize your safety by checking if your Steam Humidifier is affected by the recall. Visit the recall website to learn more and take action today.

In Conclusion: Your Safety Comes First

Your home should be a sanctuary of comfort and security. Addressing the Steam Humidifier recall is a crucial step toward maintaining that security. This is not something to overlook; it's a responsible choice for the well-being of your household. Visit the recall website to ensure your home's safety by replacing the affected part and enjoy the expertise service of Four Seasons Air Control for your HVAC needs.

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